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SoLAR Innovation Fund Grantee Gham Power’s Ambitious Move To Promote Solar Power.

Through the SoLAR Innovation Fund, Gham Power Nepal is working with IWMI to improve crops and water yields for smallholder farmers in Nepal..

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SoLAR Innovation Fund Grantee KARMA’s Foldable Solar Panels and Mobile Pumps set to invigorate rural water markets.

KARMA aims to provide a portable solar pump using Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) based light-weight and a flexible solar panel that is..

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SoLAR Innovation Fund Grantee KHM’s innovation helps use space underneath solar panels to set up poultry and fish farming by women farmers.

Bangladesh has very limited land and a high population density. So, judicious use of land is essential. Keeping the land constraint in mind..

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SoLAR Innovation Fund Grantee PARC’s Initiative To Improve Livelihoods Through Responsive Drip Irrigation.

Livelihood Improvement of fragile and vulnerable communities through ‘Energy and Water-Efficient Responsive Drip Irrigation Systems’ by..

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SoLAR Innovation Fund Grantee SwitchON’s Mini Solar Pumps for Women Farmers.

Under the project titled ‘Mini Solar Pumps for Women Farmers’ or MSP4WF, SwitchON Foundation aims to increase the uptake and adoption..

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