Entry Phase


In September 2018, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) came together to form a regional partnership with the objective of addressing the challenge of clean energy transition in irrigation without compromising equity and groundwater sustainability impacts. By adopting a ‘Water-Energy-Climate’ interlinkage approach, the partnership aimed at identifying, field testing and mainstreaming climate-smart solar irrigation promotion strategies across South Asia, in ways that are GESI compatible and takes into account groundwater sustainability issues.

The following activities were conducted during the entry phase (September 2018-August 2019)

  • Desk review of relevant literature and policy documents
  • Five stakeholder meetings:
    • Dec 2018 – Entry phase inception meeting (Anand, Gujarat)
    • Feb 2019 – Nepal consultation meeting in (Kathmandu)
    • April 2019 – Pakistan consultation meeting (Islamabad)
    • June 2019 – Bangladesh consultation meeting (Dhaka)
    • July 2019 – Entry phase final regional consultation meeting (Kathmandu)
  • Four field visits (one in each country) and several one to one meeting with main stakeholders


The main outputs of the entry phase include:

We have designed the first phase of the project based on the lessons learnt from the Entry Phase of the project.

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