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Kashi Kafle, Labisha Uprety, Gitta Shrestha, Vishnu Pandey, Aditi Mukherji
Are climate finance subsidies equitably distributed among farmers? Assessing socio-demographics of solar irrigation in Nepal, Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 91, 2022, 102756
ISSN 2214-6296,




Deepak Varshney, Pramod K. Joshi, Anjani Kumar, Ashok K. Mishra, Shantanu Kumar Dubey
Examining the transfer of knowledge and training to smallholders in India: Direct and spillover effects of agricultural advisory services in an emerging economy, World Development, Volume 160, 2022, 106067
ISSN 0305-750X,




Mohammad Shamsudduha and Richard G. Taylor and Md Izazul Haq and Sara Nowreen and Anwar Zahid and Kazi Matin Uddin Ahmed
The Bengal Water Machine: Quantified freshwater capture in Bangladesh, Science, Volume 377, 6612,1315-1319, 2022




Deepak Varshney, Ashok K. Mishra, Pramod K. Joshi, Devesh Roy
Social networks, heterogeneity, and adoption of technologies: Evidence from India,
Food Policy, Volume 112, 2022, 102360,
ISSN 0306-9192, 




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“IWMI’s SoLAR project facilitates us to set up grid connections for distributed generation and a reliable power supply” 

Asha Khanal, Asha Khanal, Energy Efficiency and Loss Reduction Department, Nepal Electricity Authority


SDC-IWMI SoLAR Project Builds Institutional Capacity for Micro-Grid Connected Solar Pumps through Knowledge Partnership



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