Livelihood Improvement of Dug Well Dependent Vulnerable Communities through Energy and Water Efficient Responsive Drip Irrigation Systems


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)

Climate, Energy and Water Research Institute (CEWRI), established in 1991-92 is a pioneer institute of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad. The Institute aims at devising solutions and management strategies for climate change, water resources and alternate energy which are economically viable, technically feasible and socially acceptable.

Since ages, dug wells have remained the primary source of bread and butter for many communities in South Asia. Technological advancement and increased production demands have made these dug wells inefficient, labour intensive, uneconomical and time consuming.

This project is an attempt to revive these dug wells using a completely new but low cost solution of solar water pumping coupled with Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) system- the latest invention in irrigation technologies with a massive water and energy saving potential. It is claimed to save water up to 50% when compared to conventional drip irrigation. It works on extremely low pressure (2-3 psi) with minimal to zero energy for operation thus reducing energy and nutrients inputs by manifolds. Under this project RDI systems will be tested on ground through piloting in water scarce areas for vegetable and horticulture production. These research cum learning sites will demonstrate the novel concept to the farmers, policy makers, governmental and non-governmental organization for its adoption and up scaling.



Key Project Staff

Dr. Bashir Ahmad, currently serving as Director, Climate Energy and Water Research Institute (CEWRI) of PARC is a professional hydrologist having twenty-six years of professional experience in research, academia and consultancy services.

Md Khalid Jamil is currently serving as Scientific Office at CEWRI of PARC. He is an agricultural engineer with a rich experience in water and renewable energy sector.

Adnan Shakeel, currently serving as Scientific Officer at CEWRI of PARC, is an environmental engineer with a decade of experience in the sector of wastewater treatment and reuse.

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