Integrated Farming & Women Empowerment (IFWE) through Solar Irrigation Projects


KHM Power Limited
KHM Power Ltd. is a private limited company founded in 2017 with a vision to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing renewable energy market of Bangladesh. It was formed under the Company’s Act 1994.

KHM Pvt Limited is a joint venture with the Company, Green Light Energy.

Agriculture employs 45 percent of the country’s workforce in Bangladesh. The country’s Solar Irrigation Program is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditionally used diesel pumps for irrigation. This innovation encourages development of allied livelihoods using the Solar Panels, with the larger objective of empowering small and marginal farmers. IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited) would be one of the key stakeholders of this project with regards to implementation and scaling up of the innovation. KHM Power Limited has successfully installed around 47 solar irrigation pumps countrywide in collaboration with IDCOL.

This project is designed in such a way that it would maximise the solar irrigation potential by utilisation of the solar sheds, land designated to the project, unutilised electricity, pump house and the workforce. The innovation will see development of allied poultry/cattle farming beneath the solar panels and/or or fisheries on the space between two sheds. It also envisages utilising the pump house to accommodate a landless/ homeless family by facilitating a proper sanitation and cooking system inside the pump house. KHM Power has successfully piloted this initiative in one location and with the IWMI’s Innovation Fund Grant, they intend to scale it to four more locations.



Key Project Staff

Monjur Uddin Ahmed is the Managing Director at KHM Power Limited. He’s responsible for managing multi- disciplinary teams, developing business plans and client servicing.

Pinake Sen Gupt is the Project Manager, responsible for overall management of projects along with tracking progress, budgeting, monitoring the staff and its activities.

Mynul Islam is the Finance Executive, proficient in performing analytical procedures and conducting detailed financial audits.

Md Nur Alom is the Auditing & Monitoring Officer with an expertise in performing monitoring procedures, handling financial disputes and conducting audits.

Md. Abdul Basit is the General Manager. He’s an experienced and collaborative leader driven to develop high performing teams.

Md. Ashraful Islam is the Senior Accounts Officer. With more than a decade of experience in accounting, he’s skilled in budgeting, billing, financial accountability and cost tracking.

Md. Shah Ali Dolon is the Admin and HR Executive responsible for day to day administrative tasks as well as recruitment and compensation.

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